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Tastes as big as it sounds.

Welcome to Pretzilla, the soft pretzel buns and snacks that are opening a whole new world of delicious to pretzel-lovers everywhere. And by pretzel-lovers, we mean everybody. Who doesn’t love pretzels, soft pretzels in particular? They conjure up great memories. Childhood, fun times, ball games, backyard barbecues, carnivals, and amusement parks.

We brought back all those awesome old memories, added a whole bunch of new ones, and baked them into every Pretzilla bun we make.

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The recipe for success.

About description

Pretzels are the perfect snack, and pretzel buns are a logical extension of the original idea. So it’s not surprising that people have tried to make pretzel buns before. Quite a few people, in fact.

Unfortunately, the pretzel buns of the past tended to be long on pretzel and short on bun. Heavy, dense and chewy, they didn’t complement other foods—they overwhelmed them.

Something was lacking. It turns out the missing ingredient was a family-owned bakery from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A bakery that shares your passion for great food and great times. The bakery that created Pretzilla, and got the pretzel bun right.

The award for best performance in a supporting role goes to…

Pretzels are stand-alone snacks. Buns, on the other hand, are meant to accompany and complement other foods. They’re not intended to be the stars of the show. They’re supporting actors. And Pretzilla always delivers an award-worthy performance.

Pretzilla buns enter the world with a single, simple mission: To enhance the flavor of other foods, especially proteins. Of course they're great all by themselves. But they’re intended to be a vehicle for conveying meats and cheeses to your eagerly awaiting mouth. More than a vehicle, actually. Pretzilla is a protein limousine.

We craft bake Pretzilla buns to be light and airy, with a hint of sweetness that actually boosts pretzel flavor. But because of their light and airy texture, they never overshadow the foods they’re paired with.

We did it all for you.

We bake Pretzilla soft pretzel buns for people who love food and aren’t afraid to try new things. We bake them for culinary trailblazers. Adventurous, quirky, irreverent, fun-loving, food-loving people who like to see how many ways there are to cook a burger. We bake them for you.

Because it’s not just a burger. It’s your burger.

And it’s not just a pretzel bun. It’s Pretzilla.