1. What is the difference between Pretzilla® buns retail packaged buns and wholesale buns?

Pretzilla® retail buns and wholesale buns are packaged differently. Each Pretzilla® bun package contains 4 Hamburger, 4 Sausage, 6 Mini buns, and 13 Bites, a nutritional label, and a barcode - similar to a package you would buy at a retail supermarket. Wholesale buns are packaged in trays and are best for bulk use.

2. Do Pretzilla® buns have a clean ingredient label?

Yes, our Pretzilla® buns are all natural and vegan.  The enzymes used are a naturally occurring protein enzyme that is not derived from animals or animal by-products.  Click here for ingredient list

3. How will my buns ship?

Pretzilla buns will ship via Fed Ex regular ground shipping.  This typically takes two days, but will take longer for West Coast locations.  Fed Ex shipping charges are dependent upon the shipping distance from Milwaukee, WI.

4. Why will Pretzilla® only ship on Mondays through Wednesday?

Due to the Fed Ex delivery schedule to certain regions and our commitment to deliver only fresh Pretzilla® buns, we can only ship on Monday through Wednesday for orders placed before 11:00 am Central Standard Time. Due to the increased Fed Ex delivery times to certain states, we are only able to ship to such states on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Please see list below for states that require a longer shipping time.

Monday (4-day ship): Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Alaska

Tuesday (3-day ship): Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Arizona

We unfortunately are not able to deliver Pretzilla to Hawaii, the buns will not hold during the extended delivery time.

5.  How will the Pretzilla® buns arrive?

Pretzilla® buns will arrive fresh (not frozen) via Fed Ex.

6. How long will my Pretzilla® buns last?

We recommend enjoying Pretzilla® buns on the same day you receive them or freezing them immediately to enjoy at a later date. Once frozen, Pretzilla® buns will only take 2 hours to thaw at room temperature and are best enjoyed within 5 months from date of freezing.

7. How do I speak with someone in person?

You may email info@pretzilla.com or call 414-347-2300 Monday through Friday, 9am and 4pm Central time. We are happy to assist you!

8. How do I cancel my order?

To cancel your order please call Pretzilla at 414-347-2300; we are happy to help.

9. There are pictures on the website of Pretzilla® Jumbo Twists, are they for sale too?

Not yet, but hopefully soon.  Right now we are just selling our soft pretzel burger, sausage and mini buns as well as our Pretzilla mini bites.

10. Can I find Pretzilla® buns at my local grocery store?

Pretzilla® is available in several grocery stores and bakeries across the United States.  Please visit our "Where to Buy" page to find exactly where you can find us. If you really enjoy the pretzel buns you are about to receive and cannot find them locally, the biggest compliment you can give us is asking your local grocer to inquire about carrying Pretzilla®.

11. What is the best way to heat up Pretzilla® buns?

Many of our customers enjoy a warm Pretzilla® bun, and we recommend heating them in a toaster oven.  To receive the best results, the entire bun should be at room temperature before heating. Depending on the size of the bun, 2-3 minutes in a toaster oven at 325 degrees is all you need to crisp up the outside, yet still have a soft, chewy inside.  If you do not have a toaster oven, a conventional oven works just as well.