Everyone is proud of the food they make. Our mission is to make your culinary creations even better, whether it’s a PB&J or a gourmet burger piled high with toppings. You made something amazing, and that deserves a crown. 

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CRC Pas Yisroel Pareve 566 Peanut & Tree Nut Free Facility Certified Vegan ~ vegan.org

We share your value for quality and innovative food. That’s why you can enjoy Pretzilla products that are kosher, vegan, allergen-friendly, and clean label.

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Do you know what drives me to create Pretzilla products that I'm proud carry the Miller Baking name? History.

For nearly 100 years, my family-owned Milwaukee bakery has been committed to crafting great tasting baked goods with honest ingredients. Quality and service aren't just mottos we stick on a poster—we grind daily to honor them. The payoff of those extra steps is hearing from you about all the ways you enjoy Pretzilla

Brian Miller's Signature- Brian Miller, Owner